Why Walking Tours in Bangkok

People often ask us why they would go on walking tours in Bangkok. Often people think it’s too hot for walking or too much traffic but we would have to disagree. Below are some of the reasons that we love to explore Bangkok by foot.

Be surprised on one of our walking tours in Bangkok

As with most cities around the world Bangkok is great for walking tours and as you walk around and venture off the main streets you will constantly be surprised be what you might discover.

  • From beautiful temples to 200 year old wooden houses
  • From a 100 year old restaurant to a 70 year old making coffee on the street;
  • From policemen playing petanque to children playing in the river
  • From Chinese Shrines to Catholic Churches!
  • From the most famous rooftop bars to the coolest hidden away drinking hole.
  • You will be surprised as you wonder the streets and discover the local history and way of life.


Walking is good for you and the city!

This may sound obvious, but it’s true. Even though it may be hot in Bangkok, as long as you drink lots of what and use sun-cream, walking is a healthy way to explore the city and also reduce pollution. Bangkok is increasing seeing increased activity for car free activities and this especially includes cycling and walking events. So let’s help by promoting walking in Bangkok.


Walking tours are a great way to meet other people – including locals

As we walk around Bangkok, we go at a leisurely pace giving you a great chance to chat to others on the tour and even locals on the street. Bangkok is known as the land of smiles so often just by smiling it will open up new friendships. In fact we have one rule on our walking tours in Bangkok: Keep smiling and enjoy your walk